Glitter, Glitter – EVERYWHERE

If there is one thing in the world I could eradicate, it would be glitter.

I cannot stand glitter. I haven’t been able to stand it my whole life. Just the thought of the feeling on my skin makes me shutter.

Birthday / Christmas / any holiday worthy card with glitter on it makes me gag – especially if I can feel the crunch of it in the envelope before I even open it.

I always thought this was something that would go away once I had a kid. I mean – having a kid pretty much means arts and crafts – arts and crafts means glitter. I did one glitter thing with Connor as a young toddler and that was it. I couldn’t do it. I threw it all out. There’s no glitter in our house. At least until this past Tuesday…

Oh TUESDAY. That beautiful day, Tuesday.

When I pick Connor up from daycare I usually take a quick peek in his “take home folder” from preschool to see what he did so I can ask questions about his day and get more of an “I did stuff” answer on the way home.

I opened the folder and glitter. Oh… LOTS of glitter. ALLLL right there in the crease, over other pages and the project itself. My breath caught and my skin crawled. The humor is he had been learning about the creation of earth and this was the worksheet for the 7th day. God rested. Well apparently, he rested in a pile of glitter.

I shook the folder out before going inside the house when we got home. But the infestation has begun… its on my kitchen counter, in his book bag, in my car and I caught glimpse of one on my hand this morning. God help us all – there will be no rest till its been purged from my home.