Love of Reading

I was updating my account on Good Reads with my latest books that I’ve finished reading. I just realized that I’m 9 books away from reading 52 books this year. If I were to read 52 books this year that would mean I averaged about a book a week for the entire year. Wow.

I didn’t start out the year with that goal in mind. The year before I tried reading 30 autobiographies/biographies/memoirs before I turned 30 but that got mundane and boring. I don’t think I’ve ever read so many books before!

Of course I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that Connor and I go to the library at least once a week or every other week. Figuring out how to get books waiting for me to pick up when I get there just made things simple. Who knew I’d get so into reading.  As a kid there was nothing more I loved than sitting on the couch and watching TV – now? At the end of evening the TV goes off and the book or Nook comes out.

Will I make it to 52 books this year? Maybe? Maybe more? I guess we’ll see.

image of book


Woman Who Lived in a Duplex

There was an old woman (ok well not that OLD) who lived in a duplex. She had so many dishes in the sink she didn’t know what to do. After working all day and playing all evening – her books are calling. Library books stacked so tall she can’t wait to read them before the due date calls. She should go for a run and burn off some stress but housework is calling and all is a mess. On Saturdays the Farmers Market commences. Her obsession with fresh and local is considered comical. She’s here and she’s there. She’s in all places at once and in one place thinking of everything. Pulled here and pulled there and sometimes pulling out hair. Her life is full of love and has lots to give. She’s just got to remember that life can be challenging and cluttered and fast but in this duplex its full of us.