Cold and Gray

Snow is beautiful when you can stay inside and watch it fall all day long. But then it stops. Then comes the clawing at the walls around you feeling. One day off work is fun… but the next day? Keeping the toddler distracted. Too cold to actually go outside and play in the snow. Ugh. Finding yourself cleaning things and not relaxing. Finding yourself easily irritated by those around you in the house that is becoming smaller and smaller by the hour. That was me!

Having off for MLK day and then two snow days following sent my need to be moving and thinking self into overdrive. The first snow day found us doing arts and crafts, enjoying movies, snacking on food, playing outside and snuggles on the couch. BUT I soon found myself overdosed on episodes of Super Hero Squad cartoons as well as Dawson Creek episodes on Netflix. The couch became uncomfortable, the kid became intolerable and the fridge’s contents were not appealing by the end of the second snow day. Amazing how much can change in a day when you don’t have the option to go anywhere!

My office felt welcoming against the cold and gray outside this morning. Cheers to being back!



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