Oh boy…

Oh boy. My little boy has turned four. The beginning of this month found us celebrating Connor’s fourth birthday. Super heroes have taken up residence in our house. His face is changing, his voice is changing from baby to little boy and he’s grown an inch in the last six months. Watching his personality come through and take shape each day can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Here’s is 4 year old interview compared to his 3 year old interview.

What is your name?
4 year old: C-o-n-n-o-r, Connor
3 year old: I don’t know, um Connor

How old are you?
4 year old: 4 (holding up four fingers)
3 year old: I don’t know, um 3

What is your favorite color?
4 year old: Red
3 year old: Red

Who is your best friend?
4 year old: Riley
3 year old: Mickey Mouse

What is your favorite animal?
4 year old: T-Rex
3 year old: Ducky

What are you favorite movies?
4 year old: The Avengers (cartoon)
3 year old: Cars

What are you favorite books?
4 year old: Coyote That Swallowed a Flea
3 year old: Lightening McQueen book

What makes you happy?
4 year old: Mickey Mouse
3 year old: Mickey Mouse

What makes you sad?
4 year old: Yelling (ouch…..)
3 year old: Seahorse (what???)

What is your most favorite food to eat?
4 year old: Shredded Chicken
3 year old: Pizza

What is your favorite song to sing?
4 year old: Animaniacs
3 year old: Old McDonald

What game(s) do you like to play?
4 year old: Hungry Hippos
3 year old: Color game (Candy Land)


he's four


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