The Chaos In Between

Fall is here and so are the camping trips. And so is the chaos in my house.

It all started the days leading up to our first camping trip last weekend. Things were being pulled out of hiding in the darkness of our laundry room for preparation to go with us to Rocky Gap for a nice weekend of camping. Only to come home and now the things that should be put away are lingering in the kitchen and living room waiting for their next trip to the camp ground. That’s the problem with back to back trips… the chaos of camping we usually tuck away is now staring at me. Tubs of camping dishes and supplies, tubs of propane for the lantern and coleman stove. Campground smelling laundry is being washed and then brought back up to the living room. Waiting for their turn to smell of the outside once again. Boxes with things prepacked that we’ll use again soon so it might as well stay upstairs in the light. In my view. Taunting me. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. EVERYWHERE.

The trips away are nice. My house is a disaster. Chaos is swallowing me whole.



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