Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor That is Attached to Our Duplex,

We were very happy to see the for sale sign on your front lawn. Not going to lie… We did a little dance and celebrated. These last few months had us worried about how we could coexist attached to each other. Your banging the walls. Your yelling and arguing in the middle of the night. Your dog barking his head off all day… all night… all the time. We’re not going to miss the ridiculous amounts of weeds and ivy that grows up the sides of your fence and then over to ours. We’re not going to miss your mysterious visitors through out the day. We’re not going to miss you smoking on the front porch and your smoke coming through my kitchen windows.

I won’t say its been all negative. I mean… we’ve learned to tone things out, ignore the crazy and that the police in our area won’t do much when I call them at midnight saying it sounds like ya’ll might kill each other.

Of course, we don’t know who’ll move in next. We hold out hope that they’ll be non smokers and good care takers of their dog / yard and a loving couple who respects each other when they’re mad. At this point we’re just happy to see the sign.

Thanks for all the fun,



2 thoughts on “Dear Neighbor

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