When Buying Sunglasses Goes Wrong

I rarely spend over $20 on sunglasses. For me, something always goes wrong. I loose them. I drop them. I scratch them. I sit on them. About every 3 to 6 months I’m shopping a new pair. Keeps my suburban mom look fresh and up-to-date I suppose.

Last month I had to buy a new pair. I found myself on my lunch break at Rite Aid trying on different pairs. It was between the pair I bought and another. I should have bought the other.

Within two days there was a scratch on the lens. I know… most likely my fault. Still usable but still a scratch nonetheless. AND NOW….. they have stretched. I can’t keep them on my head! They slide off the moment I bend my head. Did my head shrink overnight? I don’t think so.

What’s a girl to do? Buy another pair I suppose. Nothing worse than a bad pair of sunglasses. I’m sure there are far worse things in life but I’m pretty sure at this moment – right now – its annoying as all get out.

At least they look good on me. For now.



6 thoughts on “When Buying Sunglasses Goes Wrong

    1. I just replaced them on Monday because Sunday I had them tucked into my shirt (since they don’t stay on my head), leaned over and they fell on the tiled floor breaking them for good. Good riddance!

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