An Article of Clothing

It must suck to be an article of clothing in my house. The abuse and neglect they receive. Tossed on the floor – sometimes walked on. Tossed into piles – clean or dirty. Left in the washer – needing to be rewashed. Left in the dryer – growing wrinkles by the minute. Hung to dry but left in the dark laundry room – forgotten to be worn.

They are always the last to be thought of when it comes to household chores. Only thought of in the morning when I’m pulling them our from drawers and my closet frantically trying to find something to wear – wondering where all of them have gone.

Every week I make the promise of catching them up. Getting them all clean and all put away. Tucking them into where each of them belongs. The week comes. The week goes. My promise is unfulfilled. Poor articles of clothing. I hope they don’t go on strike.


2 thoughts on “An Article of Clothing

  1. I always feel like the laundry never ends in this house. It’s like I’m constantly washing, folding and ironing. I don’t mind washing since I just throw them in. The folding is what kills me and as embarrassing as this is, I have to say that there are weeks when I get stuck with at least two basket fulls of clothes that are crying out to be folded and put away. *sigh*

    1. Oh man. Its the folding, hanging and putting away that gets me too. I got a lot accomplished and put away last night! Only one basket left. I MIGHT knock it out tonight…. or I might not.

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